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What If...

What if you approached breath work or meditation the same way you do personal hygiene?

We brush our teeth

We floss

We shower

We use deodorant

And that is just the basics, we spend time and money on taking care of what can be seen or smelt but what about under the surface?

When it comes to breath or meditation, its a bit like stretching…the words I should do that, I don’t have time, I’ve read its brilliant or worse it’s all woo woo!

The breath is a tool that provides focus, a tool that helps you organise the noise, a tool that helps you body move between attention and relaxation, a tool that supports you to manage your mind and as such manage how you react.

Anyone working in high stress, hyper vigilant states especially those regularly exposed to trauma should have access to how they can use the breath as a tool to support their wellbeing.

I mean once you know how to use it, it costs you nothing other than a few minutes of your time.

Use your time wisely and time will look after you.

Lastly no it’s not easy, the best things never are and attention is always waiting to be switched on by your brain, that is why you need to show up to take control.

Our REACT program teaches fundamentals and the anatomy of the breath, how it supports us and how we in turn can support ourselves.

To find out about REACT and how it can work for you email


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