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In 2022 we are running our pilot training program REACT for New Recruits and In Service personnel within Front Line organisations for the Police, Fire Service and Ambulance Service, including Dispatchers. 

8 core topics over 8 weeks with online resources to support you between training sessions. We bring together accessible job specific Yoga training with breath and mindfulness to create a tactical toolkit for proactive stress management. 

The foundation of this training is to build integrity in the body to the serve the mind. In yoga we embrace a shape and transition to the next, in learning how to do this in our body we

begin to share this with the mind. Practically speaking this means we have far greater control, for our body this integrity serves as an aid to prevent injury and for our mind we gain greater control of our reactions.

It is the practice of not just unravelling stress to come down from a stress response state but to prepare the body for stress, so that the transition can be quicker and less impactive. We build resilience in the body so that it can feed the mind and help Front Line Workers be the best that they can be.

The YFL movement protocol:

  • A yoga practice that is mindful, job specific and accessible.

  • Uses the breath is a tool for not just for unravelling stress but preparing us for it.

  • Teaches Core Integrated Movement for greater integrity and strength in the body for prevention of  injury.

  • Challenge and Recovery techniques to build resilience. We give ourselves the opportunity to look at challenges as an opportunity for growth and optimising performance for both the body and the mind.

Trauma Informed

Our practice is based on a trauma informed approach to advocate a sense of safety, support and inclusivity.

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The UK's first yoga based tactical training
program for stress management.

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