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The UK's first yoga based tactical training for stress management and wellbeing

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We have a variety of toolkits for Front Line Workers based on the needs of the individuals in your teams or wider support within the community. Using Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness the protocols are job specific, trauma informed and accessible.


Here is a summary of what, why and how it is funded.


New Recruit Training:

Our vision is for all those training in front line roles to have access to our tools but where viable provide a structured program to support not only their training but their future wellbeing. This is based on our foundation 8 week pilot program REACT.  We know times and tools needed will vary based on the role in training so this is discussed and agreed at the start.


These programs are funded and we look where possible for joint funding collaborations to achieve them. Example: A standard 8 week program costs £1,900 including consultation, creation, administration and delivery. Report programs that require no adaptation would be £1600.

Workshops and Wellbeing Events:

We tailor specific workshops and sessions for your team building and wellbeing days / events. For up to 20 delegates prices can start as little as £175 for an intro session up to £1200 for a full day. If we have availability we are happy to attend online festivals within your organisation. These types of sessions are funded by the organisation and all profits go into our funding pot supporting our funded New Recruit or Community Programs.

Community Classes:

Our newest addition are the community classes being launched in the South West. Venues are currently being sourced. These are fully funded to ensure they are free to all Front Line Workers and means we build a pool of teachers with skills that match our protocols i.e. trauma informed, inclusive and accessible. 

Online Classes:

Not only do we have a YouTube Channel which offers insights, information and practices which is accessible for all, we are about to launch our first national live weekly class. More details to follow. We also tailor 4 week online programs that can be run internally within your organisation.

Head on over to our Let's Connect page and contact us to find out more. When doing this be sure to sign up to our newsletter for all the latest news.



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