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Yoga for the Front Line (YFL) is here to provide tools to front line workers so they can support their wellbeing and long term health. Through Yoga, breath and mindfulness we deliver training for managing stress, building physical and mental resilience and optimising performance.

Every single front line worker deserves the opportunity to prepare for the challenges they will face in their careers which is why our vision is that this training is available from day 1. 


With over 87% of staff having navigated stress and mental ill health, experienced staff need this support too. Now more than ever front line workers need the organisations they work for to support and respect their long term wellbeing.


Why front line workers? Statistically the chances of burn out, depression, PTSD, suicide and many other conditions are higher for those working in roles where they are regularly exposed to trauma and high stress environments.

It was suggested putting the word yoga in the title might be a bad idea! I want to be clear on what YFL delivers and doing this also means breaking through the barriers and pre-conceived ideas of yoga to show how important and valuable it is.


This will be the first Yoga program of its kind in the UK. We are here to raise awareness, to challenge and to be an advocate for change. 

Alix Coleby

Founder and CEO

Yoga for the Front Line

May 2022

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