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Stress Awareness Month 2024

This April is Stress Awareness month. As stress is at the core of why YFL exists it's a month we feel passionately about.


So in 2024 we talk about how small steps can create big changes to support how we manage our lived experience of stress, so that we know it, understand it, and both own and use that knowledge so it doesn't control us. 


Losing control of your awareness to stress triggers and your ability to release and learn from it can be detrimental to both your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 


Our mantra #DOStress supports this years theme of making small steps to positive change, because little by little...a little becomes a lot.


Tools, Information, Challenges, Conversations and Practices centred around yoga, breath and mindfulness are here to support you across all out platforms, please find information about what is happening when and where below. If you are not already, get signed up to the Newsletter so all the latest news lands in your inbox.

2nd April - Little by Little & Do Stress - Trying something new (Download)
3rd April - 3 Small Steps for Positive Change with Meg (YouTube Live 18:30)

4th April - Breath to success (Download)

10th April - A conversation with Olivia Campbell (YouTube Time TBC)

11th April - 6 Ways Yoga Can Support Your Relationship with Stress (Download)

19th April - Where to start: Yoga, Breath & Mindfulness (Download)
22nd April - Mindfulness - The Everyday Observations Challenge (Download)

23rd April - Mindfulness Meditation with Natasha Hill (YouTube Live 09:00)
25th April - A conversation with Natasha Hill (YouTube Live 12:30

2nd May - Meditation with Emma - Stress for Personal Growth (YouTube 08:30)

2nd May - Yoga Flow with Emma for Harnessing Stress (YouTube 09:05)

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