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Stress Awareness Month 2023

In April we will be talking about stress; what is it, what it means, how it manifests, all with the clear directive to support the wider understanding that physical and mental health are not separate things. We will be bringing out tools to the discussions to demonstrate how they can support your lived experience with stress.

3rd April - What is Stress Actually! (All Platforms)

4th April - The Mind 'FULL' Check (YouTube Video)

5th April - Yoga and Stress (Live on LinkedIn)

12th April - Mobility and Spinal Health (YouTube Video)

17th April - What is the Relaxation Response? (All Platforms)
18th April - TBC

24th April - Connection Breath Technique (Live on LinkedIn)
26th April - 20 Minute Core Connector Practice (Live on YouTube)

There will be a number of posts about the physiological symptoms of stress and how we can balance them but look back here in April for our YFL downloads which will include some of these topics.

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