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Our present funding bids/routes are for the following projects:

  • Community Classes - Getting YFL out into the community is our main goal for 2023. This will allow us to support more individuals across multiple front line roles. If you have a funding option, grant or want to find out about getting a class into your area please get in touch.

  • Collaborative funding to launch our next New Recruit Training program. These are ongoing funding routes for the charity.

  • Teacher Training Certifications - Key to growing our network, we need to get more teachers on board. It is important they have the right skills to deliver this training and so we are developing short courses and certifications to bring them onboard. We want where possible for this also to be available for those within organisations so it can be run within training and health and wellbeing teams.

If you would like to discuss any of the above, then head over to the Let's Connect page to arrange a chat.

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