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Based on our founding 8 week program the REACT Workshops are tailored to the needs within your team. Using Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness the protocol is  job specific and accessible, we deliver tools for effectively managing stress and building mental and physical resilience whilst optimising performance.



With more Front Line Workers suffering from chronic stress, burn out, depression, anxiety and PTSD our programs focus on how we manage stress, not just how we unravel it but how we prepare for it and meet the challenges when they happen.


Creating a foundation

We introduce you to these core elements of our protocol:

  • Our core integrated movement practice to challenge and focus

  • Preparation and how we organise external noise

  • Listening to the body to manage the mind.

  • A neurological reset to train the bodies relaxation response.


Knowledge builds awareness, our REACT program builds on self awareness and prepares Front Line Workers physically and mentally to listen so they can prepare for the challenges they face. 


Our protocol is based on a trauma informed approach to advocate a sense of safety, support and inclusivity.


Ongoing tools for support

Front Line Workers are supported by our online resources that they can do from home so they can practice techniques they learn. These resources remain available to them after the program finishes.



We ask all participants to complete a statement based survey at the beginning and on completion of the workshop to gain understanding of its effectiveness and gain valuable feedback for the charity.


To have a conversation head on over to our contact page to get in touch.

REACT Workshops.

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