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The team at YFL have created this eBook with one goal in mind, we want you to have  the ability to take the tools we teach home to support your lived experience of stress.


Maintaining a healthy body and mind relationship requires consistency in the every day. This makes how you manage your time and the tools you use key.


We go through the what and the why behind these highly effective yet simple stress busting techniques.


Whether your stress is through physical activity, poor posture or an accumulation of pressure, these balls can help you quickly restore balance in minutes.


There is an overview of our top stress busters but we have weaved together some short sequences that are targeted for different purposes.


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Yoga for the Front Line (YFL)  delivers accessible, culturally informed, job specific yoga training to front line workers, supporting the health of individuals and their organisations.

We provide a platform that is built on prevention to deliver much needed access to tools for effectively managing stress and building mental and physical resilience. These tools will provide not only a toolkit for managing personal wellbeing but build on optimising performance in the role.


YFL brings the principles of yoga as training tools for front line workers through core integrated movement, breath and mindfulness.


Unravelling stress and proactive resilience techniques that are trauma informed are at the heart of combatting known issues including but not limited to stress, anxiety, post traumatic stress and suicide.


The trainings and structure provide a much needed element for those serving in front line roles to understand the importance of their mental and physical wellbeing and how this contributes to maintaining performance and longevity in their chosen career.

In 2022 & 2023 we have proudly supported:

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