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You can only fight the way you practice

As the very old but wise saying goes 'energy flows where your attention goes' Your relationship with yourself is no different to your relationship to another person, it requires you to show up.

The samurai say that you can only fight the way you practice and that this correlates directly to the way we manage stress. When things get tough we dig deep and show up but what about when no-one is there applying the pressure?

It is said that the ease in which we engage with our world when things are not stressful is a direct reflection of how well we are equipped to react when things get tough which is a truly fascinating insight!

Why not try it, next time things are easy, close your eyes and see how it feels to be in your body at that moment.

As a culture we have a responsibility to support others especially if we are an organisation. The organisation is the platform, it provides the tools, workshops, education and support but we still have to show up.

When it comes to stress its a life long experience not just a 1st or 2nd date or a training course that means you're done and set for life. We must continually prepare ourselves for these moments of stress long before we find ourselves immersed in them otherwise we end up suffering because of it.

Are you willing to practice when no one is there badgering you?

The answer to the above question is so very important because its the work you do in the moments inbeween that matters most of all.


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