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The superficial back line

Everything starts with the feet 👣

We have 2 fascial lines that both start in the feet, these lines are what help carry you on your way, specifically the superficial back line which not only starts in the feet but comes up over the top of your skull. This one helps you stand tall!

👣 Activity - The back line, think feet, calves, hamstrings, shoulders are where many people carry a significant amount of tension. This can happen both when you are really active and maybe forget to stretch and when you are really inactive.

👣 Sitting - The back line can become even tighter in the upper body when you sit for prolonged periods of time, the chest draws forwards and the shoulders round because they are working extra hard to support the head and neck which is also pulled forwards.

👣 Mood - Now add your emotions to the mix, when we aren’t happy the effects can be a little like sitting and we slump meaning we don’t stand so tall. This increases tension in your physical body which adds another layer of weight to your emotions.

Now we can’t always solve all 3 of the above in one go but we can take just a few minutes a day to work with the feet and release some of that fascial tissue known as the meridian lines to ease the tension from the ground up, so not only will you be a little more grounded to the earth beneath your feet but you might just find a little more spring in your step!

Grab a ball - tennis, pet, spikey, yoga, it’s your choice but take some time to roll the ball around the sole of the foot, checking in on the not so sweet spots and gently releasing the fascia and YES you can also do it sat down!

Oh the places you’ll go 👣


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