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Challenge verses Recovery

Today as Stress Awareness Month launches we are looking at challenge verses recovery and what recovery actually means to us.

Here at YFL we believe proactive stress management is key to the time it takes for us to recover from stress. The training programs are not a tool to substitute for the actual recovery but to aid the recovery by reducing the time it takes to move from an activated stress state into a rest and repair state in the body.

Front Line Workers experience stress and trauma in much higher volume and are at greater risk of burn out, chronic stress and fatigue. With resources having been stretched to their limits in the last 3 years the question after reading statistics collected by 87% since March 2020 are how organisations make it possible to provide platforms for management and recovery of stress that aren't optional!

Here is some of that information:

10% of staff have recently had suicidal thoughts.

45% have felt panic or terror.

49% have been distressed by unwanted images and memories.

61% feel tired most of the time.

33% have difficulties concentrating.

32% report regular symptoms of depression and anxiety.

40% are at risk of developing mental health disorders.

49% say their work commitments are out of control.

39% report that they are regularly frustrated by their work.

This is what the challenge means without the recovery.



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