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Day 1 or 1 Day - When is the support needed?

A recent article published by the Police Federation highlights why we need more support for New Recruits with some forces now experiencing higher than average attrition rates.

The starting salary for many officers in their first year of undertaking a police constable degree apprenticeship is £19,164 which is barely above the current national living wage - and this is set to increase in April.

The extra pressures of study, finances and a high stress environment has a huge impact on mental health for those serving in post. Goals within the Police Force are to fulfil the uplift but what then, as is written in this article how do they work on keeping people and protecting them.

One statement said “Our members deserve more investment in mental health and wellbeing, better benefits and the most appropriate integrated learning that equips them for the reality of policing.

All this being said I know from the conversations I have had that they already struggle to fit everything they need in training for teaching practical and essential policing skills. With Wellbeing Teams having very little access to this audience.

There are amazing initiatives for support and a great number of charities doing brilliant work to aid recovery from physical and mental ill health but what about the support that is needed at the start.

Day 1 means we can be proactive and protect our workforce...1 Day means reactive measures, extra signposting, more money spent to cover sickness and front line workers who are suffering.

At Yoga for the Front Line we believe every New Recruit in a Front Line Role needs access to tools to manage stress. Our mission is simple to break through the barriers of perception and demonstrate why our training program using Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness will serve to build resilience for front line workers and the organisations they work for. Understanding and taking responsibility for how you manage stress and how you use challenges to become more mentally and physically resilient not only provides greater balance it makes you better at what you do.

To join one of our pilot programs in 2022 please get in touch via the website, linkedin or email

Here is the full article:


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