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Yoga is not for me

I guess this statement very much depends on what Yoga means to you?

Stretching, Meditation, Relaxing, Something flexible people do, a nice to do if I have time kind of activity.

My Yoga is not for me moment happened when I got brave. In my early 30s after months of doing Yoga at home I went to an actual Yoga studio. The experience (the details are a story for another day) left me feeling self conscious and disappointed. Probably worth mentioning I also spent 24hrs in bed with a migraine and so I said to myself…Yoga is not for me.

It was about 7 years before me and Yoga collided again and all I can really tell you is that when I came across the practice I now teach and did it every day (at home) for 3 months it gave me the courage to listen. I didn’t meditate or study, I just threw myself on a mat and listened to what my body told me until eventually the strength built by my physical practice allowed my mind to catch up.

I made a hugely difficult but brave choice and I chose myself.

We all know the expression have to put your own oxygen mask on first.

So now I didn’t say Yoga is not for me, because I learned that for me Yoga is your ability to listen, to be aware of my body and mind and to show up for myself...connection!

You will never hear me say the physical practice isn’t important, without it I couldn’t have connected the dots or risen to my particular challenge.

In a physical asana practice we challenge the body to manage the mind.

The breath is what that holds us together.

The consistency of showing up and being aware of the body, the breath and the mind is that mindful element of presence we need to make the best decisions we can for ourselves and those we care about.

The more aware, the better the recovery from stress, the better our judgement and decisions and the less we hide when we need support.

As Yoga for the Front Line kicks off our Yoga is not for me campaign by challenging views on some of the well known stereotypes I ask you the question, if you have ever said Yoga is not for me or you call it stretching because the word Yoga makes you uncomfortable. What does Yoga actually mean to you?

Every tool, every ounce of our REACT program supports individuals and organisations to navigate challenge, stress and trauma by providing knowledge and the foundation to use the challenges to their advantage through Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness.

The simplicity of the tools are a great way to harness the complexity of our anatomical body and indeed our mind.

Get in touch to find out more.


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