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Stress Talk: Listening is the Foundation of Respect

Often this is said of how we show up and listen to others. When it comes to ourselves we often seem content to stop listening, sometimes it suits our ego and other times the noise just gets too loud and stress takes over.

At YFL we often use the phrases 'Practice and Prepare', Why? Well, stopping to listen when the noise is loud is so hard can often feel impossible. If we stop and check in when the noise is manageable it makes it easier to hear when the noise is loud.

The question today is how do you 'Practice and Prepare' for the when the noise is loud? For our CEO it is:

💚 5 minutes daily active listening.

💚 Moving my body.

💚 Gratitude (5 things).

💚 Joy (1 thing every day, example kitchen disco or a wild swim).

💚 Consistent sleep patterns.

These things help me build and maintain a foundation of respect for myself, otherwise known as self-care.

This is also Yoga 🙏🏻

If you are struggling for ideas, head on over to the Yoga for the Front Line YouTube Channel which has inspiriting conversation, breath practices, meditations and movement of different varieties. These are aimed at supporting your ability to listen. It’s a great place to start.

YFL YouTube Channel


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