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Why You Don't Need Lots of Time to Do Yoga

Yoga is often perceived as an activity that requires a significant time commitment, leading many people to believe they can't fit yet another wellbeing offering into their busy lives. But, is this really true?

Practically your attitude to ‘Time’ is very dependent on what you believe yoga is and what you might want to gain from it. Honestly most of us want don't want to nail a tricky cool looking arm balance which would fit with the narrative of needing time. We want practical outcomes e.g. greater flexibility, to feel less stressed, to have a greater range of motion, to feel energised and so on.

Here are 3 perspectives on what your yoga practice could look like:

  1. If I wear protective footwear for 8 hours a day, then maybe Yoga is grabbing a ball and rolling out the bottom of the feet for 2 minutes.

  2. If I am having a hard day, whatever the reason then maybe Yoga is sitting for 5 minutes and just focusing on my breath to bring my body into relaxation.

  3. If I want my body to feel more resilient because I have active hobbies that impact my joints and muscles, then maybe Yoga is a 10 minute mobility and movement mat practice to improve range of motion and joint health.

What do you want and why? When you know that, you can consider the below for how you make it work for you.

  • Micro sessions are effective and some tools provide results in minutes!

  • There is no set time for when you practice, make it work for your lifestyle!

  • There are many types of Yoga practices i.e. breath work, meditation, mobility, flow practices, restorative practices, myofascial work are some of the ones YFL teach but there are many more. 

  • Small habits build healthy, consistent routines that support strong physical and mental health. A few minutes of yoga can reduce stress, improve mood, and increase focus, productivity and creativity.

  • Include it in your daily habits - stretch while watching TV, mindful breathing while driving are just some options. No extra time needed and it can be done without extensive preparation or travel time. 


The belief that yoga requires a lot of time is a myth. Yoga's flexibility in duration, timing, and style make it an accessible practice to support the outcomes you desire.


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